9. Selected Entity

The application stores one entity as last entity clicked in order to manage what information is displayed. In the context of the Fast DDS Monitor, an entity is every element that can be tracked by the monitor (see Entities). To set one entity as clicked double click in any entity in any of the Explorer Panel panels, and this entity will be set as Selected Entity for the whole application from now on. Selecting an entity has the following effects in the application view:

  • The entity clicked will remain marked with blue background while no other entity is clicked or the Selected Entity is restore.

  • In the Monitor Status Panel, the information related to this entity is displayed, such as QoS or specific entity settings.

  • In the Statistics Panel, a general summary of the data stored for this entity is listed.

  • If the selected entity is a Fast DDS Monitor entity belonging to the Physical or Logical Entities group, the entities displayed in DDS Panel are only those related to this entity. Therefore, clicking one of the DDS Entities do not update the DDS Panel. To check the relation between please refer to Entities section.

9.1. Deselect Entity

To change the actual Selected Entity just click in a another entity in the Explorer Panel. Moreover, it is possible to deselect any entity. Use the Refresh button (Refresh) in order to preform that action. Not having any entity selected has the following effects in the application view:

  • The DDS Panel will list all DDS entities present in any Domain monitored by Fast DDS Monitor, i.e. it will be possible to view any DomainParticipant, DataWriter and DataReader regardless of the physical entity or the DDS logical entity under which they are located.

  • The information shown in the Monitor Status Panel is a brief summary of the current state of the application.