10. Export data

One of the main functionalities of the Fast DDS Monitor is the possibility of exporting the data generated in each monitoring session. The different monitor capabilities for exporting user data are explained below.

10.1. Export charts in a CSV file

The monitor offers the possibility to export to a CSV file all the data that have been or are being represented in each of the charts boxes, both historical and real-time charts.

Thus the monitor offers the user three possibilities:

  • Export the data of a single series. This can be done from the series menu explained in section Chart Menu.

  • Export the data of all the series belonging to a chart box. This can be done from the Chart menu available in each chart box. This menu is explained in section Series Configuration.

  • Export all the data of all the series of all the chart boxes. This is done from the application File menu, explained in section File.

10.1.1. Format of the CSV file

This section presents a table with the format of the CSV file containing the exported data.


<Chart box name>


<DataKind units>


<Series name>