2. Fast DDS Monitor on Linux

This section provides instructions on how to install the Fast DDS Monitor application. This is available on the eProsima website in the Downloads section.

There are two mechanisms for running the monitor application.

  • Through the Fast DDS Monitor installer.

  • Using the AppImage format, which is a portable format of the application software.

2.1. Fast DDS Monitor installer

The first option is to install the Fast DDS monitor application together with all its dependencies. To do so, first run the FastDDSMonitorInstaller.run executable and follow the instructions it provides to install the program in a directory on the system.


2.2. Fast DDS Monitor portable format

eProsima also distributes a portable version of the Fast DDS Monitor for Linux in AppImage format. In this case, download this version from the eProsima Downloads website and run the downloaded file to launch the monitor. The name of this file is Fast_DDS_Monitor-x86_64-X.X.X.AppImage, where X.X.X is the version of the application.


In case these files are not executed, check that they have executable permissions.