Version v1.1.0

This release includes the following new features:

  • Add Hide/Show metatraffic entities capabilities.

  • Support cumulative data in Dynamic Charts.

This release includes the following improvements:

  • Application background

  • Move last clicked logic from QML to C++.

  • Blank text when open “change alias” dialog.

  • Documentation improvement:

    • Fast DDS Suite documentation.

    • Tutorial for ROS 2 galactic.

This release includes the following bugfixes:

  • Fix Y axis rendering when all values were 0.

  • Fix timestamps in Historical charts.

  • Fix deselect entity minor bugs.

  • Fix width QML warning.

  • Fix mu(micro) symbol display in Windows

Previous versions

Version v1.0.0

This is the first stable release of eProsima Fast DDS Monitor.

Version v0.2.0

This release includes the following improvements:

  • Add ToolTips for dialog parameters

  • Add Real-Time charts

  • Refactor sidebars * New left sidebar with all the DDS, physical and logical entities together with its corresponding information. * Separated panel for Fast DDS Monitor status. * New panel to display Issues information.

  • Possibility to change the Entity name setting an alias for it.

  • Entities not alive are marked in gray color.

  • Possibility to display/hide the not alive entities.

  • Entity menu displayed right-clicking on them.

  • Support for Windows platforms.

  • Resizable charts in three different sizes: full screen, two chart boxes per row and three chart boxes per row.

  • Display two chart boxes in a row by default.

  • Re-nameable chart boxes.

  • Export charts data to CSV. It is possible to export a single series, a whole ChartBox or all ChartBoxes of the monitor to a single CSV file.

  • Change the cursor shape when hovering over the legend and when action buttons are pressed over the selected chart.

  • Add information button on each ChartBox.

  • Normalize Y axis.

  • Button to set axes in the ChartView.

  • Button to reset zoom.

  • Maximize and minimize chart boxes.

  • Initialize monitor in a Discovery Server network.

This release includes the following bugfixes:

  • Get correct Entity Id on the add statistics series dialog.

  • Set correct Entity Id on the add statistics series dialog.

  • Icons colorization in Windows platforms.

  • Avoid launch a command prompt when the application is executed in Windows.

  • TreeModels refactor * Convert all arrays to dictionaries with the array index as the element key. * Fix item duplication when collapsed.

  • When receiving data from a new entity, it is added to its corresponding entity model as an additional model item instead of destroying and rebuilding the entire model.

  • Avoid destroy ChartBoxes when they are out of the view.

  • Increase Y axis in historic CharBoxes so all the data is visible.

  • Refactor Historic series so all the internal data is deleted when graphics are removed.

  • Increased the number of characters for series labels.

  • Change displayed chart units for some DataKinds.

  • Add units to the statistics entity summary.

  • Charts dashboard layout scroll bar always visible.

  • Sort data from backend.

  • When receiving data of DataKinds that are measured in counts, the data points that are NaN are replaced by 0.

Version v0.1.0

This is the first release of eProsima Fast DDS Monitor.

This release includes several features regarding the monitoring of DDS network and the visualization of a real time working network, as instrumentation data related with this network:

This release includes the following visual features

  • Visual Interface to monitor a DDS network.

  • Visualize alive entities in a DDS network in real time.

  • Represent instrumentation data of several kinds of a DDS network:

    • Latency

    • Throughput

    • Data sent

    • Metadata sent

    • Discovery time

  • Represent instrumentation data regarding different cumulative functions:

    • Mean

    • Median

    • Standard deviation

    • Maximum

    • Minimum

    • Count

    • Sum

  • Real time events:

    • New entities discovered.

    • New issues detected.

This release includes the following interactive features

  • Initiate monitoring a DDS network:

    • Monitoring a DDS domain.

    • Monitoring a Discovery Server network.

  • Represent any data kind with any cumulative function regarding any one or two entities in the network.

  • Select an Entity in order to retrieve information about the entity configuration and its data summary.

  • User friendly modifiable layout:

    • Resize windows and panels.

    • Create, delete and move charts and panels.