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eProsima Fast DDS Monitor is a graphical desktop application aimed at monitoring DDS environments deployed using the eProsima Fast DDS library. Thus, the user can monitor in real time the status of publication/subscription communications between DDS entities. They can also choose from a wide variety of communication parameters to be measured (latency, throughput, packet loss, etc.), as well as record and compute in real time statistical measurements on these parameters (mean, variance, standard deviation, etc.).

Furthermore, the user can check the status of the deployed DDS network at any time, i.e. see for each DDS Domain which DomainParticipants are instantiated, as well as their publishers and subscribers and the topics under which they publish or to which they subscribe respectively. It is also possible to see the physical architecture of the network on which the DDS applications that use Fast DDS are running.

eProsima Fast DDS Monitor is designed to meet the following criteria:

  1. Monitoring: real-time tracking of network status and DDS communication.

  2. Intuitive: graphical user interface developed following a user experience design approach.

  3. Introspection: easily navigate through the deployed and active DDS entities being able to inspect their configuration and physical deployment.

  4. Troubleshooting: detect at a glance the possible issues or anomalous events that may occur in the communication.


In order to monitor a DDS network deployed using Fast DDS library, compiling the latter with statistics and explicitly activating the statistics module is required. See Fast DDS with Statistics module for more details.


If Fast DDS has been compiled with statistics and they are explicitly enabled and statistical data are not correctly received, only few data arrive or even none, configure the Fast DDS endpoints publishing statistics data with a less restrictive memory constraints. Please check the following documentation for more details on how to do this.

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